Committed to a Sweeter Earth

Climate change poses an existential threat to humanity, and threatens to make maple sugaring impossible in this region where it's been a way of life for centuries.

Here's the good news: Every purchase of Dobbs Maple Sugar is supporting working forests in Vermont. These forests provide the sap that we boil down into sugar every spring, but they spend 365 days a year taking carbon out of the atmosphere and storing it in their wood and roots. Every acre of forest that stays in maple production is an acre of productive land in the fight against climate change.

That's also why we only use wood-fired syrup to make our sugar. Instead of using fossil fuels and unleashing greenhouse gasses that have been stored for thousands of years, our suppliers boil their sap down over wood. It keeps more money in the local economy, uses sustainable fuel, and supports working forests — and that's not even the sweetest part!